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Industrial Display

Squarepixel™-Square LCDs

Squarepixel series is designed for high brightness with power efficiency LED backlight. It provides LCD panel with specific aspect ratios and sunlight readable for digital signage, public transportation, exhibition hall, department store, and the vending machines.

  • 3325-Y

    32" TFT LCD, LED Backlight 500 nits, FHD 1920x1920
    Size Brightness Resolution
    33.2" 1000 cd/m² 1920x1920

Product List

  • 4215-I

    SSF4215-I SSH4215-I SSD4215-I
    Size Brightness Resolution
    42.1" 800 cd/m² 1900x2160


    SSF3325-Y SSH3325-Y SSD3325-Y
    Size Brightness Resolution
    33.2" 1000 cd/m² 1920x1920


    SSF2735-A SSH2735-A SSD2735-A
    Size Brightness Resolution
    27.3" 1000 cd/m² 945 x1080


    SSF2563-Y SSH2563-Y SSD2563-Y
    Size Brightness Resolution
    26.5" 500 cd/m2 1920x1920


    SSF2203-Y SSH2203-Y SSD2203-Y
    Size Brightness Resolution
    22” 500 cd/m² 1920x1920
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