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Industrial Display

NPS - Marine Panel PC

Marine displays from Litemax are internationally recognized and certified with a proven track record of satisfying all types of scenarios, applications and environments for maritime professionals and organizations. Whether the project involves system building, maintenance, repair or equipment upgrade of a yacht, a submarine or any relevant maritime structure, Litemax's marine displays guarantee high quality and performance from the dock to the engine room.

Product List

  • NPS1535

    Size Brightness Resolution
    15'' 1000 cd/m² 1024x768


    Size Brightness Resolution
    15'' 1600 cd/m² 1024x768


    Size Brightness Resolution
    17'' 1000 cd/m² 1280x1024


    Size Brightness Resolution
    17" 1600 cd/m² 1280x1024


    Size Brightness Resolution
    19" 1000 cd/m² 1280x1024


    Size Brightness Resolution
    19'' 1600 cd/m² 1280x1024
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