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Industrial Computing

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LITEMAX© Industrial Computing sind umfassende Lösungen, von 3,5“- und Mini-ITX-Motherboards über lüfterlose Box-PCs bis hin zu Panel-PCs. Sie verfügen alle über einen optimierten mechanischen Aufbau und flexible I/O-Schnittstellenoptionen, und sind so der Garant für maximale Flexibilität für Effizienz im Design. LITEMAX© Industrial-Computing-Lösungen sind sowohl in verschiedenen Standard-Formfaktoren als auch in anpassbaren Größen lieferbar, was dem Kunden eine rasche Integration in seine Anwendung ermöglicht.

  • Boards & Modules

    The versatile motherboard portfolio offering advanced, industrial boards of various form factors, brought to you by Litemax Industrial Computing Division. Customization is available upon request with the highest quality and the lowest RMA rate guaranteed.


  • Embedded Box PCs

    The comprehensive box PCs portfolio offering intelligent, industrial box PCs, brought to you by Litemax Industrial Computing Division (formerly WynMax Technologies). Customization is available upon request with the highest quality and the lowest RMA rate guaranteed.

  • Rugged Panel PCs

    Litemax's panel PCs are like no others. Each comes with the industry's best high brightness LCD display, in addition to the versatile, powerful box PCs. From marine to industrial, medical to defense, you get the best of the both worlds. Litemax's panel PCs are also designed as modules that can be freely paired with any RuggCore of your choice. Mix and match all you want.

  • Modular Panel PCs

    Litemax's industrial-grade touch panel PCs featuring such as temperature support, IP-rated enclosures, multi-touch capability, sunlight readable and high brightness screens are designed for factory automation and industrial applications. Litemax offers a wide variety of products with different processor levels and different display sizes, with a screen aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9 and provides customized designs that enable the system to meet specific customer's needs. Litemax has developed a new generation of modular solutions to mix and combine into various flexible solutions, which can accelerate product development to time to market.

    Modular Panel PC Mix and Match Yourself - over 50 combination

  • Transportation Panel PCs

    LITEMAX© Transportation Panel PC Solutions are a cost-effective and flexible way to integrate LCD displays and fanless box PCs to meet customers' needs. The bundle solution comprises all necessary components - an open/closed frame monitor and a powerful ultra-slim fanless box PC, integration brackets and required software support.

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